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Monday, August 30, 2004

Interview with Mr. Tambourine Man

MG: Hey Mr.Tambourine Man.
TM: Hey.
MG: How have you been?
TM: Pretty good.
MG: That's nice.
TM: Yeah.
MG: Will you play a song for me?
TM: No. No way.
MG: Why the hell not?
TM: I don't do that anymore.
MG: You're an asshole.
TM: Hey, fuck you buddy.
MG: Watch it. I'll go jingle-jangle upside your head.
TM: This interview is over.


Blogger yeahh said...

so i just read everything you wrote. ok so it was really funny. really. i i.m.-ed my roommate all the way upstairs and she started laughing too. we speak electronically at all possible times. this feels like i'm talking to myself in an empty room. you should be famous. my blog sucks in comparison to yours.
love always,
ps. dave eggers used to live down the street.
pps. the beastie boys suck
ppps. no really, they do.

8:49 PM  

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