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Thursday, September 09, 2004

say Hello to my mangled corpse: 10 fun and interesting ways to die*

*(only if it was absolutely imperative that i must die and i were given a choice of how it would all go down.)

1. skydiving into an active volcano
2. ingesting five thousand hits of LSD
3. neck snapped from behind by Steven Segal
4. drowning in a vat of delicious gravy
5. crushed and smothered by a pile of 200 or more beautiful, naked women
6. hurled into a giant propellor (messy!)
7. tied to high powered rocket, launched into Sun
8. me versus the elusive Giant Squid of the North Atlantic
9. hot sauce lobotomy! (performed by monkeys)
10. smallpox

runner up: lasers lasers lasers


Blogger Shawn said...

You have a new blog eh? How long has this been going on?? Why was I not informed??!! *sobs

1:35 PM  

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