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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

say it vs. spray it

new research shows my "boot mug" holds exactly 473 ml of beer.
today's jaunt to my neighborhood Salvation Army proved to be a valuable one. i payed little to no attention to the soiled clothing racks; old picture books were the order of the day. and by old picture books i mean old cookbooks from the early seventies. within are some of the most gruesome photographs ever taken of food. if viewed by an "Atkins person" or random vegetarian, vomiting would surely ensue. in each of the five books EVERYTHING is slathered with pounds and pounds of greasy American cheddar. simply holding one of these books will give you high blood pressure.
one recipe, for Barbecued Chuck Roast, actually lists 'one tablespoon of MSG' as an ingredient.
ah, those were simpler times.
i digress. the important thing is that i also picked up a stack of old National Geographics from the late 70's, early 80's. i spent the rest of my afternoon carefully removing badly dressed people from their idyllic cities, countrysides and glaciers and situating them atop glistening Herbed Lamb Shanks.
laughing with friends amid a steaming plate of Sausage and Mostaccioli.
a squaredance on a freshly sliced Mushroom Pork Loin.
i will continue to do this for many weeks.
let's eat in tonight.


Blogger Kathryn said...

that's hilarious. and a really good idea.

(i'm still mad at you)

4:30 PM  
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