Location: Montreal

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

coming down fast

they've finally found me.
those money grubbing weasles have found me and they're closing in. and of course by 'money grubbing weasles' i mean Nova Scotia Power. (wonder why they suddenly need cash?)
for years i've lived under their radar; moving from place to place, lining all my hats and pants with aluminum foil, a colorful assortment of oh-so-sexy wigs.
but they gots me.
i've been politely informed that not only has my credit been ruined, it's probably been ruined x3 to the eighteenth power.
and they keep repeating those four little words.
paid in full. immediately.
there go my dreams of owning a Lexus.

also: if you rat-weed shit slingers at Columbia House are reading this, it's already too late. i'm writing this transmission from the dark belly of an unmarked Scandinavian ocean liner filled with immigrant slaves and bootleg digital electronics.
destination: unknown.
ruby ruby ruby ruby soho.


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