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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


at some point yesterday, during another typically useless afternoon, i managed i get a huge splotch of grey paint up the arm of my beyond vintage ('72) Mount A. leather coat that i inherited from my once collegiate father. not unwearable, but fucked nonetheless.
i'm the kind of person who only owns one pair of mittens. last night, on my way back from Kathryn's, i lost one of those mittens. i now have 50% less mittens than i did yesterday.
why? because god is a theiving bastard with a bad whiskey jones and the morals of a slut on acid, that's why.
strange things are afoot.
earlier today the lady at the liquor store informed me that i have an exact double. "same face, same beard, everything. it's eerie, i thought it was you." what's happening? are my blackouts really getting that bad? will i have to fight this mystery twin? is he the future me come back through the time-foam to deliver some sort of message? maybe the booze was for his return voyage.
i should have asked her what he bought.


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