Location: Montreal

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

the world looks red

the sky was a strange color today.
the young man who threatened Ron and I with a knife a few weeks ago came in to buy cigarettes (20 pack of Player's Light Kingsize.) his demeanor was the same, but at least he wasn't swinging a blade around.
ah.. the first snow... and snow begat salt, and salt begat slush, and slush begat nervous hysteria.
i spend most of my downtime making lists; oh these troublesome lists.
prose and cons.
people often ask what the hell i plan on doing with the rest of my life and my only response is up up down down left right left right B A B A select start.
hvng trbl kpng trk f mdcn.
maybe it's just me, but the phrase "Alcohol may Intensify this effect" is not a deterrent, it's actually rather inviting.
long live personal science.
i've got a mouthfull of bad ideas.
the heat, my friends, is on.


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