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Sunday, November 07, 2004

and my mouth like a geyser of blood

four teeth brought me here. four errant, misinformed teeth. let's grow sideways and cause trouble, they must've thought. now they sit in pieces on the bottom of a garbagebag. professionally removed. i chose to forgo sedation, opting for six vials of high-power numbing fluid, administered with a cartoonishly-large syringe directly into my tender gumline. they began moments after my liquid armor took effect. revving up their miniature drills and saws. since i was wide awake the sound was piercing, echoing around inside my head.
eyes closed, ears open. visceral audio.
halfway through the first suspect (bottom right) the good doctor started swearing. under his breath at first. jesus. bastard. then considerably louder. son of a bitch!, he cried, as something shattered deep in my jaw.
time for a peek, i thought. at first just a bright light from above, but once the eye-cams came into focus things got a little more concerning. a living array of tubes and latex and chrome, probing in and out of my mouth, covered in dark, syrupy blood.
eyes closed. just relax. i was completely free of pain, but i could still feel something. the good doctor grunts as he wrenches his arm, twisting bone from bone with a loud snap.
moments later they were done and i was sitting up, wondering what they did with my teeth. tossed in the trash apparently, most of them badly dismantled. i want those teeth. the female doctor began half-heartedly digging about in the trash, but she was distracted. there was a new patient in the surgery seat. if you'd like to wait, i can give you one of these teeth, said the good doctor, motioning towards his latest campaign.
no deal. it wouldn't be the same.


Blogger suz said...

you wanted to keep the teeth? hehehe.
that's both cute and disturbing at once.

1:47 PM  
Blogger mike said...

people often say i'm cutely disturbing.
or is it disturbingly cute?

3:07 PM  

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