Location: Montreal

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

carnivorous aesthetics

earlier today, somewhere on the internet, i saw an advertisement for a small oddly shaped camera. for whatever reason, the moment i saw it i thought 'steak camera.' then i thought, why not make a camera that looks just like a juicy cut of steak? the lens could be in the middle where the 'eye' is. maybe we could have various cuts of camera. club, sirloin, porterhouse? whatever. the outer casing could be made of durable rubber, so it kind of felt like you were holding a tender, uncooked steak. i think it would be great to go to some sort of social gathering, everyone in their sunday best, holding whirring, flashing steaks to their faces.
everyone say 'medium rare!'

also: i like my sex the same way i like my pizza.
hot and messy.


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