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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

incumbent beware

City Mayor.
is there any other title that inspires more respect, fear and adoration than that?
of course there is. Galactic Overlord.
but i'm not running for Galactic Overlord.
i'm running for Mayor.
"but how will you win? you have no knowledge of the political process. you don't pay your taxes. you don't even own a suit."
those things are probably true, but they shall not deter me.
because i've already won.
that's actually my campaign slogan: I've Already Won.
todays modern voters dig confidence.
also: people hate taking time out of their oh so important schedule to head down to the polls, or voting arena, or whatever you call it. if they think someone (me) has already won, why would they put themselves through the hassle of pulling a lever or punching a card?
they wouldn't.
that would be crazy.
and a vote for no one may as well be a vote for me.
i'm almost certain that's how these things work.
but a catchy slogan and the possibility of voter confusion aren't always enough. no siree.
i don't want a 'win'.
i want a 'rim destroying slam dunk from center court'.
and that's where my billboards come in.
until now, every election poster ever in the history of recorded election posters has looked exactly the same.
- challenger's name
- smiling headshot of the challenger
- challenger's slogan in a pleasing and easy to read font
the only, and exceedingly rare, variations to this formula are "challenger giving a thumbs up" and a small graphic flourish, like a star or a check mark.
that's weak.
modern voters want a little 'zazz' in their campaign propaganda.
that's why my posters will be gigantic.
i'll still be smiling, but more of a "you know you want it" smile as opposed the the classic "you can trust me, i'm old" smile.
and it'll be a full body shot.
and i'll be wearing a top hat and maybe a tasteful cape.
my left hand will be clenching a large sack of money.
and my right, a long, thick chain. at the other end of which is the Devil, whom i've beaten and captured for the good of the people.
the font? Iron Maiden.
my slogan you already know.
and if you already know it, it must be true.
so vote. or don't.
it doesn't even matter.
see you in October.


Blogger chadiplax said...

I'm convinced!

6:26 PM  
Blogger tsunami said...

i think the tasteful cape will nail mayor.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Sir Thomas said...

what are you singing in that pic?

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Daryl said...

Gives us a new blog wha? Its been two months, buh.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous swank said...

I am in serious need of a good laugh, Mike. Where art thou? Christine

7:10 PM  

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