Location: Montreal

Sunday, September 19, 2004

hobbies include...

•sleeping in
•resisting arrest
•writing weekly letters to those two little Russian tarts that kissed in their music video. i send them my floss sometimes.
•playing Tetris and other games in the Tetris Family (Tetris Attacks, Tetris 3D and Tetris 2)
•taping television documentaries about those people who chase tornados.
•hand-sticthing little leather booties for stray cays and then luring stray cats into my apartment with a tasty piece of trout and fastening the booties to their precious little paws with staples and duct tape so they don't ever fall off because winter is coming.
•memorizing all the lines of the characters Dan Feilding and Bull from the first two seasons of the television series Night Court.
•drawing funny faces on my bag with washable marker and then naming the funny faces.
•i make a delicious cranberry/ham soup. (i call it Ham 'n Cran)
•sitting on the roof of the video store with binoculars and my graph paper, taking stock of things i see in the parking lot. (red cars, discarded shopping carts, people in hats, single moms {sometimes i have little conversations with the single moms as they walk to their cars, but they can't usually hear me because i'm way up on the roof and it's a little windy up there sometimes})
•Chinese Checkers


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