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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the cat who cried blood

so i'm walking home from Kathryn's this morning (afternoon) and the weather is just perfect.
the sun! the warmth! the laughing children!
and i'm feeling it. i can't even walk normal; i'm doing my jaunty, beatnik-full-of-bourbon-on-a-Sunday-morning walk.
smiling my Colgate smile.
snapping my fingers.
greeting all who dare walk past me.
then i see a cat on someones' stoop.
i extended my arm, to pet this cat as i passed, when i noticed it had bright red tears of blood rolling out of it's eyes.
i stopped for a moment.
i asked "why?" and i said, "i'm sorry." ...and i meant it.
but i had to keep walking.
the last thing i need is cat AIDS.


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