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Monday, July 25, 2005

bad poet's society

- Happy Poem -

shave and engrave
enslave me with rabies
my hands are the plague
one foot in the gravy

- Angry Poem -

fuck this
fuck that
fuck you
fuck us
fucky fucky fucky
at the back of the fuck bus

- Sad Non-Rhymey Poem -

my birch bark soul
to watch myself sleep
in a waking dream,
your hangnail
smells like coffee
and pine,
the bottom of the sea
a thousand starving fax machines
love ain't no stranger

- Sexy Poem -

if you’re horny, let’s do it
ride it, my pony
my saddle’s waitin’
come and jump on it*

*[i actually stole this one from Ginuwine. what the hell happened to Ginuwine? he's probably on some island with Skee-Lo and Lou Bega.]


Blogger Alex said...

Ginuwine update:
Ginuwine is still making the hits and misses... mainly the latter. Here is a excerpt from his latest jam, In Those Jeans.

Looking good plenty time
Tell me is there any more room for me
In those jeans
Pretty thick like I like it
Tell me
is there any more room for me
In those jeans
Looking tasty really scrumptious
Tell me is there any more room for me

As you can see, it's crap. The best line however is in the first verse.

these jeans and you
Made a thug wanna cry something terrible

5:03 AM  
Blogger Jon said...

Sounds like he likes a little junk in the trunk. I don't think we'll be hearing that one at the MTV Music awards.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

oh shit man "a thousand starving fax machines"
that is THE BEST line from a poem. Ever.
haha good shit man.

9:51 AM  
Blogger mike said...

though his lyrics may be bunk, (which they certainly are), Mr. G-Wine brings up a valid argument. is there anything more perfect than the pairing of a beautiful female backside with designer jeans? tight ass designer jeans? no. it's a culmination of everything right in the world. it's the apex of humans as a society. is that rational? are you calling me irrational? because i'll tear your head off. i'll tear it off and i'll throw it over that fence.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Sir Thomas said...

Fuck that, just tear that bitches jean's off...

5:51 PM  
Blogger mike said...

c,mon Tom.
some respect.
you gotta peel a ladies' jeans off real smooth like, preferably with your teeth.

9:32 AM  
Blogger chadiplax said...

Spiderband, Spiderband
radio, active

Spins a web
and he sighs
catches thiefs
just like flies

look out!
There goes a Spiderband

Is he strong?
Listen bulbs
He's got radio, active

Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look
of her head

Look out!
There goes a Spiderband.

In the chill of a night
at the scene of a crime
like a streak if light
he arives, Justin Tyme

Spiderband, Spiderband
radio, active

Welcome fame,
he's ignored
Action has his reward!

To him,
Life is a great big bank up...
Wherever there's a hand cup...
You'll find a Spiderband!!!!

12:44 AM  

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