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Friday, July 22, 2005

my summer fetish

i'm sorry.
i just have a thing with the summertime.
i truly believe it's magical.
here's a rundown of some of the magical things that have happened during the summers of my life. (note: summer's 80 through 92 were all exactly the same; Def Leppard and family vacations.)

-lit a lot of grass fires
-hello pubic hair

-more grass fires (we called them "nasties")
-listened to 'Sabotage' like a billion times
-hello drugs

-last summer before High School
-our little neighborhood plays host to an orgiastic landslide of underage drinking and sexy makeout parties
-two arrests (shoplifing and window smashing)
-i had long ass blonde hair

-hello driver's licence
-the nightly Police patrols that were instated because of last summer's rampant hooliganism force us to build cabins in the woods. people come from all around. the Age of Cabins has begun
-our little group finally gets a proper name, (CVT - Cantley Village Threat), bestowed upon us by the right honorable Dale Fahey
-smoked hash everyday

-don't remember much
-Johnny had a convertible
-i think we went swimming
-wrecked the Accord (looking at babes, not road)

-hello having a job
-Hello Nasty
-sit on a stoop on Bentic Street every night and drink
-also the summer that "drinking" finally matured into "full-on alcoholism"

-my last summer as a cigarette smoker
-lake and feild parties abound

-spent about half my summer taking acid
-got kicked out of the community of Baddeck
-Johnny and i go see the Foo Fighters
-i move to Halifax

-i operate a hot dog stand on Skin Garden Road
-i burn the bejesus out of my hand
-i learn of Daryl's fear of spores

-again with the hot dogs
-regular plow sessions with a hot but insane wine-blooded redhead who happens to have a large, angry-type boyfriend
-got tear gassed by riot cops

-we live in a mansion
-we destroy mansion by having massive 80 to 100 people parties with live bands in the living room every other weekend
-lawsuits ensue
-survived the Evolve festival somehow

-took a train across the country with Kathryn
-grew a beard
-saw Slayer, got Slayer'd
-watched two bisexual strippers fuck each other for money
-still drinking

-hey Meredith, you should have a party


Blogger lora said...

jesus. you are a summer king.

2:45 PM  
Blogger mike said...

thank you Lora.
thank you for calling me Jesus.

2:47 PM  
Blogger lora said...

no problem, my lord and saviour.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

I remember running from the fuckin' curfew cops with my cousins when we were going to some guy's house to get, well, hash. Was it 1996? That woulda made me 13 years old. Sweet.

7:41 PM  

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