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Monday, July 04, 2005

optimistic prime

these Band-Aids keep the wounds closed but they're doing a shit job of keeping the BBQ sauce out.
everywhere i go science keeps happening.
went on a feild trip to Long Lake. we learned that 8-packs of beer float, that a frog is faster than a man and when you smush a leech with a stick, stuff comes out of him.
my shoulders are sunburned and my torso is peppered with insect bites (though i'm not sure if they're from the lake or that ratty mange-infected blanket i snoozed under the night before.)
splashing around and discovering a new species of floating Leaf Bug is a commendable thing to do.
eating five hot dogs in half an hour is not.
now if you'll excuse me.
i have to go microwave some lightbulbs.


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