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Monday, September 20, 2004

pop quiz

1. When unable to sleep, a good remedy is:
a) warm milk
b) read for a while
c) count imaginary sheep
d) whiskey

2. I feel a head cold coming on; I should:
a) call my doctor
b) take some vitamins
c) get a good nights sleep
d) whiskey

3. The Grand Canyon resides in which state:
a) North Dakota
b) Colorado
c) Alaska
d) whiskey

4. Ohhh, baby baby, I got a fire in my belly, an' the only thing gonna cure it is:
a) penicillin
b) Mexican whores
c) a prayer circle
d) whiskey

5. Tomorrow I am supposed to arrive at work at approximately:
a) 8:00 am
b) 11:00 am
c) 1:00 pm
d) whiskey

6. You've been arrested on four counts of mischief, two counts of public nudity and one count of gratifying yourself in a public place. How do you plead?:
a) innocent
b) guilty
c) insanity
d) whiskey

For the correct responses smell my fucking breath.


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