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Friday, May 27, 2005

sneakin' in the hospital

what better to do on a cold, miserable Thursday night than sit in Rogue's Roost, spill draught beer on yourself and enjoy lengthy discussions about sexy eye games, the merits of British humor and the sublime foxiness of the Golden Girls.
(apparently, Rose is the hottest.)
eventually the crowd thins and the cash goes dry.
then what?
well, if you're an eager beaver like myself, you sneak into the Old Infirmary on Queen St. which isn't as difficult as it sounds.
climb some junk, scale a fence, presto.
and since the building is half demolished, one can easily hop in an open window. and land in three inches of water. once inside i discovered the lower floors were severely flooded, due to weeks of unyeilding rain and the gaping holes in the walls.
i grew weary of the wet feet business and decided to head upwards.
(the innards of the building have been totally gutted. how fitting, a hospital getting opened up and having it's insides removed.)
i trudged upward as far as the stairs could take me and then proceeded through a mammoth opening in the side of the building.
welcome to the roof baby.
the view would have been worthwhile if not for the typhoon like weather conditions. but, i was in a good mood, so i strolled about for a while, taking in my washed-out city.
then i decided to take in my new sneakers, and i noticed that i wasn't standing on the roof at all; i was standing on ('in' no longer applied) an old hallway with an intricately tiled floor.
a floor that was not designed to be a roof.
never meant to face the sky and taste the weather.
but, since everything above this floor had recently been razed and tossed down below, i elected it the New Roof.
and i stood there for a while.
high above the streets.
a million dollars taller.
king of my stinky, dilapidated castle.
but, i was a hungry king, and eventually had to defect from my throne and head to Jessy's.
three jumbo slices for five bucks?
you're crazy.
let's party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike- do you remember the time Dan and Shawn MacKinnon and Carter and some other boys broke into the Butterscotch before they demolished it? Your sneakin' in is like a homage to that. You should've broken and stolen some tiles.


4:47 PM  
Blogger mike said...

i do remember that.
they got busted didn't they?
and i did steal something, it's like some kind of clippy-harnessmajigger.
and it's completely useless to me!

12:14 PM  

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