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Saturday, August 20, 2005


our new theme is theme parties.
last night's was Hawaiian Pirates/chocolate fondue.
i was decidedly more Hawaiian than pirate, because i couldn't locate my eyepatch, but i did wear a small stack of old VHS tapes on my belt. (video piracy. c'mon people.)

quick question: is there anything more satisfying than lounging in a backyard with 30-40 random people and watching two dudes who are dressed as pirates and screaming like pirates wrestling in a kiddie pool full of dirty party water and empty beer bottles on a late August evening?
answer: yes. hot sex. but that's all.

also: i love how the dress code of a certain downtown drinking establishment dictates that i am not allowed in wearing a camoflage t-shirt, but Alex is allowed in dressed as a fucking pirate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erica here...I had no idea about this Ale House shinanigans! You weren't allowed in? Didn't even know you tried! We should have traded shirts...they'll let girls in regardless of what they wear. *L*

10:17 AM  

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