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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

overheard at the apartment of the former members of Ugly Kid Joe

"alright; whose turn is it to buy Cheetos and dog food because we're so broke we can only afford to eat Cheetos dipped in dog food?"

"i dunno, man. but guess what i just realised?"

"what is it, bro?"

"now, in 2007, we totally ARE America's least wanted! for real though!"

"omg!! we totally called it! like 15 years ago!"

"i know! we're gonna be rich!"

(and they cheered an uproarius cheer, one that was heard all through their 8' by 6' living room. and cheering turned to high fives, and high fives turned to bro grabs, and bro grabs eventually turned into the cold, dull, bleak talons of Reality and they sobbed and whimpered as they decided to spend the last of their Cheetos and dog food money on sweet, tartar fighting, despair numbing, antibacterial mouthwash.)

[but seriuosly, they had a song in 'Wayne's World'. did you have a fucking song in 'Wayne's World'?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I did have a song featured in Wayne's World. I also had a small speaking part in that film.
-Alice Cooper

5:48 PM  

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