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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

lesser known summer blockbusters

Twinjas! - a high kicking, gut busting summer comedy adventure! this is the story of conjoined twin brothers who are also ancient ninja assassins. follow them as they seamlessly blend in with their co-workers at a high stakes New York law firm, hot on the trail of the resurrected spirit of another ancient ninja assassin who wants to take over the financial district AND resurrect more ancient evil ninja assassins! can they find and defeat their enemy? will they fall in love with the same girl and have awkward, not-quite-a-three-way twinja sex? will they decapitate everyone on the sixth floor? twice? there's only one way to find out. Twinjas. three arms, two swords, one mission. funnier than a nunchuck to the face.

Lucia Sexytime: Surf Cop - Wetmound Beach. once a thriving tourist community, now a coastal slum, overrun by gangsters, junkies and ancient ninja assassins. that is until Special Agent Lucia Sexytime gets assigned to take out the beach trash. armed with an M16A2 assault rifle and her trusty surfboard, Pink Splash, Agent Sexytime glides up and down the hot, wet shoreline serving up juicy mouthfuls of beach justice. men love her. women want to be her. criminals fear her but also kind of want to have sex with her. so evil-doers beware: if you bring your crime to the sea, prepare to get blown. right out of the water. rated PG13.

The Fort Polio Portfolio - this one's a thriller or something. bring someone to make out with.


Blogger chadiplax said...

You made me laugh until I coughed like a senior citizen!!

11:19 AM  
Blogger Aubscene said...

loves it!! "conjoined twins seamlessly blending in with thier coworkers."

4:39 PM  

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