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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

15 totally embarrassing books to be caught leafing through in a bookstore when a friend or aquaintance suddenly appears:

The Klingon Thesaurus (Expanded Edition)
Official Kraft Dinner & Cut-Up Hot Dogs Cook Book
Harry Potter And The Haunted Birth Control
Oprah On Oprah, The Oprah Story: An Oprabiography
Crossing The Streams: Bedwetting, Gay Marriage & You
Days Of Thunder 2: Cole's Reckoning
The NEW Bible
Wuv In The Time Of Cholera
Dummies Books For Dummies (Abridged Edition)
Baby's First Golden Girls Picture Book
N-Word! The Musical: The Novelization
The Unicorn Puppies' Cute-ventures In Ice Cream Land
Lather, Rinse, Whatever: Shampoo Commercials & The Modern Woman
To Phil A Mockingbird


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