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Monday, December 17, 2007

ninja sighting (part I)

dude! dude check out that ninja!

that's not a ninja.

dude! yes it is! look! ninja!

if that were an actual ninja he wouldn't be just standing there like that. we wouldn't be able to see him at all; he'd be stealthily lurking or something. and he definitely wouldn't be stuffing all that coleslaw in his face.

c'mon, dude. that's totally a ninja. he's just on break or something.

are you fucked? can you even hear what you're saying? ninjas don't "go on breaks". ninjas were a secret society of specially trained feudal Japanese assassins. that's just some guy.

no way man. he's totally a ninja.

where the fuck is his sword then?

i don't know. probably concealed or something?

concealed where?! in his fucking sandwich?

maybe. he IS a ninja.

weren't you wondering like a week ago why you couldn't get laid? this is why. because you're fucked. because you're fucked and because you act like brain damaged preschooler.

listen man, all i'm saying is HOLY SHIT! is your fucking arm sliced off?!!

wha? oh shit, it is!

look! that dude! he totally disappeared! his food's gone too!

holy fuck! he WAS a ninja!

i told you!! i fucking told you!!

shut up. grab your phone and get a picture of this ninja wound before i die from it.

ok. actually, give me your phone, yours has more megapixels.

fine. hurry up.

there. what do you think that ninja's going to do with your arm?

how the fuck should i know?

you're cranky today.

shut up.


Anonymous JarMel said...

Merry Christmas my friend! It's been a while, no doubt. As Nicole and I were readin your most recent posts, she said it would be cool if you were accompanied by a cartoon or something. I thought that would be pretty cool too (The Ninja Encounter?). Anyway I'm sure you have already thought of this so happy holidays man, and I say the coming year may include a sighting of a once very skillful ninja renowned for relieving even the most sober victim of their alcoholic libations. Who knows?
Cheers Mike

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Mari said...

Hey look! Those ninjas are stealing that old man's diamond!

9:45 PM  

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