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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

i'll be your highest five

at least once a week i recieve random finger damage.
i'll look at my hand for no particular reason and see blood; a hangnail, a scraped off knuckle, a small slice to the inner-webbing, etc.
how can this be prevented? i'm obviously not aware when i'm recieving these wounds, so what steps can i take to protect myself?
mittens would work, but make the manipulation of small or complicated objects awkward and fumbly.
and rubber gloves make my hands feel skanky.
i could apply an army of Band-Aids each morning but we all know i'm far too lazy to take on that kind of responsibility. i suppose i could put them on once and leave them for a few days, but they would get pretty vile while performing my daily hand tasks.
maybe i could track down a matching set of Power Gloves.
they're so bad.


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