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Monday, February 21, 2005

noise applications

i got this idea the other day when a very big truck playing very loud rock music almost ran me over. it was the song they were playing and the fact that they had it cranked.
first off let me say i'm not a fan of the movie Braveheart, or any movie of that ilk for that matter. scowl if you like, but i just can't relate to a bunch of goons or gladiators or whatever running around half nekkid having "epic adventures" hundreds of years ago. maybe i just have a poor imagination. but this song got the old brain-mill working.
i originally planned this for Braveheart but it will work on any of those billion dollar Oscar-grubbling masterpieces.
fast forward Braveheart to the start of one of the huge battle scenes.
pause it. turn the volume off.
get your stereo or computer or whatever and cue up the song 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC. now let them play.
how awesome is that?
i've seen that battle a dozen times and yawned throughout, but now i can't take my eyes off the screen. it's the music.
i'm sure Mel had good intentions with his sweeping, epic, orchestral score, but this is intense.
"wehh! weehhh! but i won an Oscar! wehh!"
eat it Mel.
the DC and i just out-epic'd your blue ass.


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