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Thursday, March 03, 2005

the list

i think someone might have told me once that my memory is not the best. i'm pretty sure i can't argue with that. a good habit of mine is to write down important things on the back of my hand. i usually forget about these wrinkly hand-lists until someone points them out, reminding me of things i'm desperately trying to remember.
this was the list today:
-take back movies (one late, one still good)
-get food (done)
-mail letter (do that one later)
-feed fish (actually, he looks ok. he'll be fine)
-get drunk (on it)
so after a long day of wrestling with broken debit machines, stubborn printers and surly tech-support guys combined with the inhuman task of completing the list, i feel it's it's time to relaxo.
and what better way to relaxo than sitting in ones room with some whiskey on the rocks, a moderately priced imported (american) cigar and my good friend, Miles Davis.
i actually just spilled said whiskey all over the book i've been reading. but that's alright.
(i bet you totally thought this post would be a big list or something)


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