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Saturday, September 24, 2005

first sight

i met her on the trail by the edge of the lake.
it was early autumn and the air was crisp, bracing, and she was eating popcorn. she ate slowly, meaningfully, lolling each piece in her mouth, pondering taste and importance. her dark brown eyes were infused with a warm contemplative look. almost quizzical.
and the way she moved. such grace!
her legs were lean, perfect machines of balance and timing.
her body was aglow in stuttering refractions of light, the surface of the lake interpreting the sun as a backdrop for her and only her, a glimmering testament to her infinite beauty.
and then she turned her head, the curve and arc and shape of her neck was perfect, delicate, almost mathematically impossible, and she turned her head and i think she smiled. my chest was a turbine and she was the one and i wanted to take her in my arms and tell her everything i ever wanted to tell anyone and we'd run away and live happily and our love would be immaculate and pure forever.
too bad she was a duck.


Anonymous big mars. said...

those word verification codes make me feel like a robot. i never get it right. and then i forget what my comment was going to be.

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