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Thursday, August 24, 2006

the film

i just had the greatest idea for a movie.
unfortunately, i can't tell you exactly what it's about because this is the internet, and i heard that sometimes people steal stuff from the internet.
but i can tell you what it's called and who i'd like in my ideal cast.
i'm sure the rest will be obvious.

Deadly Corpses Of Death

the cast: [in order of appearance]

Stephen Hawking - the narrator
Scarlett Johannsen - Detective Hayley Magma
Larry David - breakdancing teen
Mike Gillis - the Frightened Wizard (young)
Bill Murray - the Frightened Wizard (old)
Leonard Nimoy - wisecracking taxi driver
Tom Hanks - flying werewolf
Three Boobed Chick from 'Total Recall' - herself
Brad Pitt - Herb, the vomiting, SARS having wino
Norm MacDonald - Jesus Schwarznegger
Yasmine Bleeth - the "Gymnast"
Christina Ricci - the Gymnast
Dave Chapelle - the rascist inventor
Maggie Gyllenhaal - hot drunk chick in Spinal Tap shirt
Chevy Chase - crazy deli guy #1
Jim Henson's Muppets - crazy deli guys #2 ~ #14
Paris Hilton - the corpse
Billy Dee Williams - the ghost of Lando Calrissian
Larry King - jaunty mailman
Star Jones - the old abandoned warehouse
Chucky - Freddy
Patrick Swayze - depressing vigilante army guy
Murphy Brown - depressing vigilante army wife
Jeff McCarron - voice of Unicron
Bill Cosby - voice of The Moon Cactus
Jason Alexander - Skeletor Jr.
Catherine Keener - the President's Wife
The Kids In The Hall - the menders/defenders of Time/Space Junction
Jack Nicholson - The Joker
Blue Oyster Cult - themselves
Kevin McDonald - the dirty fetus


Anonymous Daryl said...

when ever i hear jeff talk i can't help but think - unicron.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Mari said...

I'd vote for you daryl. and mike, I'd see your movie and I'd help make it too.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Trish said...

My only question is...
Where can I get tickets??
Any movie with the ghost of Lando Calrissian is the movie for me! I love that guy.

7:57 AM  

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