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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

you owe me forty bucks

remember *NSYNC?
sure you do.
well, it was revealed today that former *NSYNC'er Lance Bass (the little blonde weiner guy who danced next to the fat guy) is gay.
he came out of the closet in an interview running in the newest issue of America's bestselling all-gay publication, People magazine.
news of his confession have sparked silent vigils in front of little girls' bedroom walls across the country, (or maybe it would six years ago).

shocking new update!!
at a suprise press conference just hours ago, actor Bill Cosby revealed, after much speculation, that he is some sort of "black comedian".
more on this as the story unfolds.
back to you Diane.


Blogger Tr!sh said...

Bill Cosby was black?

11:41 AM  

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