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Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 Hot List!!

what's hot in 2007??
this stuff!!

hot season! - winter!
hot hand accessory! - mittens!
hot scarf! - a scarf!
hot excuse! - wizards did it!
hot carl! - gross!
hot room! - cryogenic chamber!
hot color! - neon grey!
hot sauce! - hot sauce!
hot thing to drink from! - bottles!
hot late 19th Century volcano eruption! - Krakatoa!
hot scene from 1972 Blaxploitation classic 'Blacula'! - when those cops have to fight those jumping vampires that are on fire in a huge room filled with empty cardboard boxes!
hot way to eat soup! - from a bowl! with a spoon!
Hot Hot Heat! - suck!
hot water bottles! - awesome when you're sick!
hot thing to touch! - the top of a lit candle when it's lit!
hot lists! - totally hot!


Anonymous IdolResemblance said...

This list is alright, but I was hoping for something with unicorns in it.

12:21 PM  

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