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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the Ramones (broke my headphones)

the iPod nano.
finally, an MP3 player that fits in my mouth.
i've been waiting for something like this for ages.
i remember being a young lad and wondering "if they can make 60 minute tapes and 90 minute tapes, why can't the just make 7200 minute tapes, so i don't have to carry around all my tapes all the time, because they won't all fit in my Chip N' Pepper fanny pack anymore and this tape-filled grocery bag is getting heavy and clunky and it's really hard to balance it on the handlebars of my bike? what are they sellin' me? and when am i gonna get my pubes?"
well friends, time and technology can bring great things.
like the aforementioned iPod nano.
this sleek little bugger can hold days worth of tuneage.
and it fits in the front pocket of my jeans.
my tight jeans.
and you can still barely see it.
i like that i can run up and down stairs and climb fences and practice Karate in the park during a windstorm and it will never skip.
is it a great invention?
it's like an All Hits All the Time radio station programmed specifically for me that i can take practically anywhere.
but is it a perfect invention?
no. it is not.
because the headphones suck.
they suck hog's balls.
sure they look good, these "earbuds"; their minimalistic white cord being the most visible signal that someone is a Pod-user.
and don't get me wrong, i enjoy the way they snugly fit into my discerning sound holes.
but they just can't deliver the rock.
mine lasted a little over a month, that's when lefty started making this really annoying rattling sound that made my ear itchy.
and this isn't an isolated incident either; i've talked to half a dozen other people with a similar headphone related beef.
i've since tossed and replaced them with a pair of those new inner-ear outside-noise-reduction type earbuds. they aren't as comfy in my ear cradle, but comfort always takes a backseat to rock in my book, and the rock sounds pretty sweet these days.
but c'mon.
only lasted a month?
on one hand: what are they sellin' me?!
on the other: meh.
this is a relatively small complaint, considering how convienient the technology is.
now, my pubes...
no complaints there.


Anonymous K Dixon Esq. said...

My Right Earbud Esploderd in my ear Mike. But it was the Hellacopters that out rocked my earbuds socks. make a "pop" and got real warm like, so i bought a monstrous active noise cancelling headset... it makes me sweaty... in all the good places.

but yea, the nano is a sweet little sut, but keep her away from bodily cavities.

10:01 PM  
Blogger nic said...

i'm still partial to my sony walkman

7:14 AM  
Blogger mike said...

man i wish i still had my Sony walkman.
it was one of those blue/green one with the lock thing over where the buttons are.
that thing was indestructable.
i regret trading it for a piece of hash.
i'm told it still works.

7:16 AM  
Blogger iaingillis said...

Ear buds are shit. Always have been, always will be. Real heads rock shits like these bad boys.

Also, the Sony Walkman is the Cal Ripken of portable listening devices.

11:16 AM  
Blogger mike said...

true dat.
dat's Double True.

11:44 AM  
Blogger lora said...

my sony walkman is at home. it totally still works. but the ear buds that came with my ipod? i didn't even use 'em. ear buds hurt my ears and the sound is always crappy. why bother in the first place?

seriously gillis. why bother?

5:41 AM  

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