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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

beer and loathing

i was half-blind and smiling when i slammed my last bill down onto the beer-soaked, chipped-varnish, forever-stained finish of the counter.
i don't remember what i tried to order, but the waitress insisted i drink something else; and i'd forgotten what she'd called it a second after she poured it.
i do remember the look she gave me as i tilted my head back and dumped the mystery drink into my throat.
it was a "this'll get yer dogs barkin'" kind of look.
what a sweet gal, i thought.
that's the last thing i remember.
i'm not even going to tell you where i woke up.
not because it's embarrassing; because it doesn't matter.
but when i did finally wake up, after brushing off the sawdust and shrimp tails, i realized what that look she gave me really meant.
it meant "you sir, are very drunk...and i'm about to steal your good mittens."


Blogger Jessica said...

she could have had the decency to take advantage of you sexually first

12:57 AM  

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