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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

junkyard logic

one of the bad/really interesting things about working in an empty store in the middle of the night all by yourself is that you get to hear the full-length, un-edited tirades of all your neighborhood sketchies.
and there's really no way to escape.
so you just sit and listen, no matter how awkward or mundane or terribly terribly sad the topic of discussion.
today in the street i walked past an old customer of mine who used to torture me with his ridiculous late-night claims of forgotten mastery.
he once told me he built the very first home computer.
the very first.
out of wood no less.
and he explained, at great length, how the whole computer industry has been backsliding ever since...obviously.
plastic and wires are for idiots.
i used to call him Dr. Wily.
and for a fraction of a second, i almost stopped him in the street.
i wonder what his latest invention is?
nails maybe? a toaster oven? with an easy-set timer?
a bladed utensil that can be used for separating small pieces of food from a larger piece of food?
he was the first guy to ever put a snake on a plane.


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