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Thursday, February 08, 2007

hey, Internet!

(walks into room, flips open laptop)

me - hey, Internet!

Internet - hey buddy! how was work?

me - great! i got a lot done today.

Internet - awesome!

me - we talked about you.

Internet - uh oh! all good i hope.

me - of course, dude! we talked about that video you have of the water-skiing monkeys.

Internet - i love that one!

me - me too! thanks for showing it to me!

Internet - anytime bro! oh yeah!....i've got something for you.

me - really? is it more junk mail?

Internet - lol! no way! something cool... the new Dinosaur Jr. album!

me - the new Dinosaur Jr. album!!! omg!!

Internet - i knew you'd be stoked! wanna hear it right now?

me - shit yeah! heeeeyyyyy....wait just a darn second here. i read that the new Dinosaur Jr. album isn't coming out until May. how did you get a copy, Internet?

Internet - (acting all cool)... i know some dudes.

me - Internet, you're the fucking best. i fucking love you man.

Internet - ha ha! it was nothing.

(me and Internet rock out to the new Dinosaur Jr. for a few minutes)

Internet - hey......wanna see some naked chicks doin' stuff?

me - ha ha ha! oh Internet! you're so crazy.

Internet - go close the door.

me - ok.


Blogger Lapin Sec said...

hey, I have an Internet too!

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wowie wow wow wow. I can't believe you've decided to release the fact that the Internet is sentient, in such a casual manner. This is something we should fear. Like everything else. Right? It is right to fear everything right? Sorry, II'm temporaily stuck in one of those universes where everything gets fucked up....

11:52 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

hey mike.....sometimes i lie to type random questions into my internet.....questions like..."are you there?" and "can you hear me?"
just to see....

10:16 AM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

oh man. am i glad not to see that disgusting, sweaty-looking meat sandwich background today. also, see you sunday?

2:07 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

hey mike, i dont know if you remember me, you came to a pretty banging house party at my place a couple months back with your friend and mine, danny lutz. he directed me here, and man he didn't steer me wrong. this is some of the funniest shite i've read in all me days. did you hear ol lutz is gonna be on tv this weekend??

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Reena said...

Hey Mike,While completing a random search using my own name,what popped up but one of your blogs,the baby name one,and i must say i was quite surprised.I would like to try to discourage you from naming your unborn child "Reena Marie Gillis"as I am afraid this name has already been

9:28 PM  

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