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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Frightened Wizard

fade in
scene one, act one
a wooded park-like area

The Frightened*1 Wizard is lurking quietly*2 through a boggy stretch of woods. He is wearing traditional*3 wizard robes that look a little worse for wear and is carrying a large scepter. The sky is grey and leaves are falling from trees*4. A fine blanket of mist crawls along the forest floor. Suddenly he is startled by a nearby*5 noise, and quickly*6 moves in to investigate. He crouches behind the twisted roots of a fallen tree and peers*7 in the direction of the noise, spotting a Modern Person*8 walking their dog. "...What manner of beast*9..?, the Wizard mutters to himself. As he says this the dog kind of glances in his direction, causing him to sidestep*10 farther behind the roots to avoid detection. Just then there is another different, louder noise approaching from the Wizard's left*11. The noise is apparently*12 coming from the tires of the two bicycles*13 speeding by on the gravel road. The Wizard stands up, jumps out from behind the roots, points*14 at the passing cyclists and hisses*15 loudly. He then turns and flees*16, returning to the entrance of his cave*17. Once inside he lights a small torch*18 and holds it to a nearby wall, revaling a*19 carving*20 that he begins loudly*21 berating. "Curse you Kynackk*22! Betrayer! Betrayer!"

fade out
title sequence
...And so begins...
The Tale of the Frightened Wizard

*1 - not so much 'timid' frightened, more of a 'panicky/exciteable' frightened.
*2 - is that redundant? lurking is assumed to be quiet, correct?
*3 - long and dark, some runes and symbols sewn in, a cap with long twisty wizard horns.
*4 - indicating autumn.
*5 - or not. being a wizard he probably has the ability to hear things unheard by others, acutely tuned in to the cacophonous drone of several planes of existence.
*6 - he is suprisingly nimble for a man of his (undiscernable) age, who is also wearing heavy robes.
*7 - when he peers there is a close-up of his eyes, old wizard eyes, eyes that have seen too much, too many lost souls, forever screaming. he also has very thick and bushy wizard eyebrows. and a unibrow.
*8 - i say 'Modern' because it is assumed that the wizard is ancient, from another time or a different realm altogether.
*9 - he's probably never seen a dog before for some reason.
*10 - he is already crouching very low to the ground, making this look awkward.
*11 - your right.
*12 - obviously.
*13 - if he's never seen a dog there's no way he's ever seen bicycles. or the ridiculous clothing that many bicycle enthusiasts wear, with their zany colors and way too tight around the crotch spandex shorts. "but they make you go faster." they do not. grow up. you look like fools.
*14 - with his wrinkly wizard hand, large rings on his fingers and sharp long nails.
*15 - a loud disapproving hiss, like that of an ill-tempered cobra or fighting cats.
*16 - again, suprisingly nimble.
*17 - which is quite small. he has to get down and crawl to enter, which might explain the tattered appearance of his probably once majestic robes.
*18 - apparently he does not have the ability to make the end portion of his sceptre glow, like some wizards in movies do. this adds a sense of realism to the scene.
*19 - probably ancient.
*20 - of a strange creature that looks like a human fetus with the head of a rooster, wearing a crown burning snakes.
*21 - and emotionally.
*22 - he phrases the name in a manner similar to the way a Klingon might.


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