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Friday, November 04, 2005

a whiff of things to come

there's been a bit of lag here lately.
i know you can feel it, i see in your tired, bleary eyes.
i feel it too. especially when i'm showering.
so i'm going knock things up a notch.
totally re-calibrate the site.
i'm going to completely maul it, thus killing it, but then conjuring it back as a zombified version of it's former self and teaching it how to love again.
think of this site as a raw piece of meat, venison perhaps. i'm going to take it and place it into a plastic baggie filled with various seasonings, maybe some glitter paint, thumbtacks, the tooth of my beloved dog Nova, the one that i pulled from her mouth just seconds before the waves crashed over her, the sea claiming her forever, leaving me trembling and alone in my shitty little rent-a-boat. i'm going to put the venison/site in with these things and i'm going to shake it, hard and fast and rhythmically, like i'm throttling some evil goose whose snide mocking has gone on long enough.
actually no.
think of the current site as Optimus Prime just as he's dying, handing his inner chest Matrix over to Ultra Magnus. it'll be like like that.
except not as emotional.
and Ultra Magnus is a bit snarkier.
and wears jeans.
no offense to Optimus.
because change is good people.
change is good.
(unless you're Lindsay Lohan. what happened to my curvy, lava-haired, teenage sexbomb? who's this skeletal blond waif? come back baby. we miss you.)
so yeah. changes coming soon.
probably sometime between next week's Montreal Vision Quest and the upcoming holiday season.
let's say New Year's.
post Vision Quest, pre New Year's.
yeah, that's good.


Anonymous Jon said...

I don't think you can call yourself a man unless you cried during that movie.

6:41 PM  
Blogger mike said...

i was chokin' tears.
.....i still am....
it's our Little Women.

10:22 PM  

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