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Monday, March 26, 2007

the ten best parts of the Dio music video, Holy Diver

- that awesome close-up of Dio's sword.

- when Dio slays that weird guy who, when dead, turns into a pile of rats for some reason.

- the big weird evil cat guy who is superimposed over footage of an erupting volcano.

- Dio wailing in front of a backdrop of raging fire.

- when Dio walks into some room and there's a blacksmith guy forging a sword.

- at exactly 2:31 when the blacksmith guy throws the sword to Dio, just as he's singing "life's a never ending wheeeeeeeeeeeeeel!! say!" and he catches the sword. **(note: Dio discarded his original sword shorty after entering the blacksmithing room.)

- Dio doing a confusingly awkward march through some open gates while swinging his new sword, solemnly. as if unsure of the powers it may yield.

- when it shows those three red hooded monk guys sitting in front of an image of the big weird evil cat guy, (still superimposed over footage of an erupting volcano), and the last monk guy looks up to reveal he has weird evil glowing cat eyes.

- Dio wailing in front of a backdrop of raging fire. again.

- at the end, when Dio slowly walks towards the camera, glaring angrily, and just for a second or two they superimpose big weird evil cat guy's face over Dio's face.


Blogger natchosPLEASE said...

Best part of Dio...
seeing Dio live. oooh ya.
the heaven and hell show was jawesome!

10:17 PM  
Blogger mike said...

was he three apples tall?
the reason Dio's so short is because his evil is so concentrated.
ride the tiger!

8:21 AM  

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